We treat ICBC motor vehicle accident injuries and more!

If you have been in an accident or know someone who would benefit from our services, make sure you talk to us first!  We specialize in managing rehabilitation for ICBC motor vehicle accident (MVA) clients.  You will pay nothing when our services are covered by ICBC and we will advocate for the funding of more for you based on our occupational therapy assessments to ICBC.

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) will help you advocate for funding and get justification for treatment plans, the right adaptive equipment and much more based on OT assessments.  We will ensure the best rehabilitation plan is in place for you and can set you up with a multidisciplinary team ranging from Occupational Therapist, Kinesiologist and physiotherapist depending on OT assessments and OT treatment and support recommendations to ICBC.  ICBC commonly depends on OTs for assessments, reports, rehabilitation case management and recommendations for motor vehicle accident cases.

We will take care of everything for you, our OTs will advocate for funding from ICBC to get you the best health care professional treatments, home care supports, adaptive equipment, taxi accounts and more!  Learn more about how we handle ICBC motor vehicle accident cases.

Arukah Rehab Occupational Therapists also manage hospital discharge such as home assessments for safety and accessibility, setting up home care supports, adaptive equipment needs such as a ramp to overcome stairs, wheelchair, walker, commode, and more!  We will assess and ensure the proper adaptive equipment and environmental modifications for accessibility are in place to help safely assist functional needs after an accident.

Arukah Rehab Occupational Therapists will manage your entire case including the communication between your lawyer, ICBC adjuster, doctor and a multidisciplinary team of health professionals so you can focus on getting back to a normal lifestyle or a gradual return to work program.


Arukah Rehab Corporation is a Greater Vancouver community-based Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology and Physiotherapy rehabilitation company.  We offer mobile occupational therapy, kinesiology, and physiotherapy services across Greater Vancouver!  We are passionate about helping our community reach their functional health goals and follow the highest standards of treatments and confidentiality as outlined by the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC), the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist (BCAK) and the College of Physiotherapist of British Columbia (CPTBC).  We embrace a multidisciplinary, holistic client-centered approach and custom tailor a rehabilitation plan for every client’s individual needs.

We provide top quality Occupational Therapy services to restore, adapt or optimize abilities to return our clients to their “occupations” meaning all day to day activities, specific tasks, and roles.  This includes all activities of work, leisure and independence with basic day to day activities such as dressing, toileting, bathing, sleep, eating, and much more.  Arukah Rehab Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists and Physios will help you return to a normal lifestyle, optimize your functional mobility and health.

At Arukah Rehab, we ensure our quality is top notch in all we do from our assessments, consultations, and reports to ICBC, to our treatment plans and client services.  If you have a sudden change of lifestyle due to an accident, injury, disability or illness, both mental, or physical, we specialize in rehabilitation to restore function or adaptations to restore and optimize lifestyle changes.

Our goal is to restore or optimize health and wholeness to all aspects of a client’s life and achieve it with the highest level of service and integrity.  At Arukah Rehab we care to see you improve and reach your rehabilitation goals.