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Eva Hung Clinical Director


Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy will help you get back to doing life's occupations (instrumental and daily activities) OT's focus on physical, cognitive and psychosocial to restore, optimize or find ways to help you adapt to be able to re-engage activities. Our OTs also provide concussion management, functional and PCA assessments.


Physical therapy for all ages to restore functional mobility, range of motion and reduce pain. Our Physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions from gait correction to vestibular physiotherapy to concussion management.


Postural and muscle imbalance from weak muscles can cause tightness, pain and other dysfunction. Our Kinesiologist will design exercises to optimize your health!  Our Kinesiologist are also trained in concussion management.  

What our clients are saying:

Arukah has a knowledgeable, hard working and compassionate team that truly cares for their clients. Eva has been an excellent OT. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic and will go out of her way to provide you the best recovery. My physiotherapist and kinesiologist are also very reliable, flexible and will help you with the best treatment for your injuries.

Mark Jo

我叫春莲曹、是一位大陆来的旅游者,期间出现了严重的交通事情!身体多处受伤 !腹部手术 肠出血 脾裂 头部撞击 肋骨 腰椎 多次骨折!我出院后的身边没有亲人 , 生活又不能自理, 当时感觉天都塌了!洪小姐来到我的身边 就像一位天使一样 、照顾我的一切生活日常 帮助我找医生 ,带来了保姆,找出租车、带来轮椅之类的康复器材 ,还有很多很多说不完。她就像我一个精神支柱 无微不至的关心照顾,让我感觉到亲人的温暖,让我每一天在康复、我在这里真诚的道一声感谢您洪小姐,我会永远记住您的帮助.感恩有您

Chun Lian Cao

Eva does a great job with following up on anything. When we have questions or concerns, she could be contacted easily and quick with her responses. She’s very friendly, understanding, and productive.

Eliza Wong